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Is Sunbathing Bad For You? Tips To Avoid Severe Skin Damage

Every year, when you arrive in summer, on TV, on the web, and now also on social media, the eternal debate is unleashed: is sunbathing excellent or bad? The sun is a bit like wine: in small doses, it is good. In large quantities, it can do damage. Exposure to the sun brings numerous benefits to our body: it not only improves mood, but above all, it is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D, necessary for the mineralization of bones, and therefore for calcium. 

Another advantage of the sun is that it is ideal for treating numerous skin diseases, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, or seborrheic dermatitis. To deal with sun exposure correctly, it is essential to know your skin and the type of reaction it presents after more or less prolonged exposure to UV rays.

The Risks Of Incorrect Exposure

When it comes to sun damage, it’s good to know that the main problem is tanning. The primary goal of all sun exposure is to get a tan, but this doesn’t seem right. Tanning is a mechanism that the skin puts in place to defend itself from excessive exposure to the sun, a reaction of our body that should therefore be avoided. The sun causes two types of damage: early and late. The early injuries are mainly erythema and burns; impairment of the cellular DNA causes the later ones, and when the organism is no longer able to repair these damages, what are defined precancerous lesions appear, such as actinic keratoses, or skin tumors, such as melanoma.

The main risk factor of melanoma is sunburn, especially those taken in childhood and adolescence. They should be avoided absolutely because there is a direct relationship between the number of burns and the probability of developing melanoma in adulthood. This problem can occur even twenty or thirty years after the burn. Another late damage caused by the sun is photoaging, i.e., premature skin aging with loss of hydration, elasticity, and the appearance of deep wrinkles or discolorations (known as skin spots).

What To Do To Avoid The Most Severe Damage

Speaking of tan, the ideal would be to try to get it light, exposing yourself to the sun gradually and over several days. Therefore, it is essential to avoid being in the sun in the hours of most excellent irradiation, from 11 to 14. Staying a day at the beach or in the pool, it is challenging to get away for such an extended period, so the advice to protect yourself is to wear a hat and t-shirt (better dark, because light-colored garments let the rays pass).

For the workaholics of the sun then it becomes essential to apply sunscreen assiduously, but be careful: they must be used evenly on the whole skin, not only on some areas (many people put the cream only to protect the moles), and the procedure must be repeated at least every two hours and always after taking a bath or sweating a lot. Another helpful tip is to avoid exposing yourself to the sun with your face made up and not apply deodorants and perfumes before lying down. Attention to drugs: some may have certain photosensitivity, therefore be toxic or cause allergies in prolonged exposure to UV rays.

The Solution To Regenerate The Skin

By following the advice we have outlined in this article to the letter, you will most likely avoid a rash or sunburn, but in some circumstances, carelessness can be understood. Among the many products to treat burns and more that you can find on our online shop, Biafin is undoubtedly one of the most effective: it promotes the hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis and the normal restructuring process of skin tissues. Gives immediate relief to the skin and accelerates the natural restructuring and therapeutic strategies.


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