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Jogging In Any Weather: Three Unbeatable Arguments For Running In The Rain

When it gets colder and wetter outside, you’re reluctant to step outside anyway. Anyone who can even manage to go Running in rain will be rewarded with a good mood and a robust immune system.

Are you running in the rain? Many amateur athletes may wonder why they should go out at all when you could just as quickly do HIIT at home or curl upright on the sofa.

Only: If you think like that, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

Because running in the rain can be as fun as the who-spins-in-the-biggest-puddle game with your playmates back then: whoever got the wettest won.

You also got dirty. And how did you get home? Soaking wet and happy. Try it again – maybe even with a training partner? 

The fun factor is by no means the only reason why it’s a good idea to go jogging, even when the weather seems to be wrong.

Here Are Three Good Reasons Why You Should Jogging When It Rains:

Bad Weather Runs Strengthen The Immune System

Back when you were a kid, you wanted to get wet. Thanks to sophisticated clothing technology, this is no longer necessary today – and it would also not be that helpful for the immune system.

Functional underwear is therefore essential, and when it rains, above all, a good running jacket that doesn’t let moisture in from the outside but lets sweat out quickly from the inside.

However, as soon as the rain seeps through your clothes, you should head home – after all, you want to strengthen your immune system by running in the shower and not letting your body cool down.

Rain Boosts Your Performance

One of the significant advantages of the rain run: is the refreshment from above.

Means: Basically, you are more willing to perform when it rains. It is immensely motivating to ignite your inner turbo, sprint against the cool wetness, forget everything and only feel yourself and your own body. You might even get the intoxicating pleasure of the runner’s high.

Here at the latest, you even forget the rain and return exhausted but happy.

Running In Pairs In The Rain Is Pure Philosophy

Does the rain radar show nothing but rain for the next few days? Time to make appointments! Not in the café, but on the running track.

Running in the rain especially touches the soul: Especially when you run as a couple, you will find topics that you would not otherwise talk about so quickly – and thanks to the date, the inhibition threshold to cancel the sports date is higher.

Conclusion: The Head Decides, Not The Sky

People who work with the right images in their heads can pull themselves together better and longer to train in the long term than people who constantly debate whether they should start running.

Going for a run – especially when the weather is terrible – works best with the right motivation. Look forward to the lonely paths that you now have all to yourself and the view of nature that needs the rain.

Looking forward to the well-deserved hot shower afterwards and the great feeling of having overcome your weaker self can also work wonders.

Jogging with music can also motivate you. Waterproof sports headphones and a theme that suits your running rhythm are essential for this.

Music while running can even increase performance, as a study from 2015 showed.

After all, it’s just water. What are you waiting for? Don’t let that torpedo your sporting goals. Put on your running shoes, and let’s go!


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