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Millet Grains, Natural Remedies

What are millet grains, why are they formed, and which remedies are most effective to prevent and combat their formation? these are unsightly white spots. Frequently appearing on the skin of the face, especially on the cheekbones and eye area: let’s see how they can be prevented and how to eliminate them.

What Are Millet Grains?

These are small cysts that form white dots under the skin. The small cysts look like balls of fat but are made up of keratin that builds up under the skin forming these white balls on the face, which can appear hard and raised or soft and less pronounced. these are, also called millet grains or sunstones, can appear anywhere on the face, especially around the eye and cheekbones and around the nose, cheeks, and chin.

Causes Of Millet Grains

The causes of the appearance of millet grains are to be found above all in an incorrect beauty routine: poor cleansing and the use of occlusive creams or make-up hinder the physiological functions of the epidermis, facilitating the formation of millet grains. Using aggressive facial cleansers, forgetting to remove make-up, or using occlusive make-up are not the only causes of millet grain formation: it seems that even UV rays can favor the appearance of white spots on the face.

It is good to prevent the formation of millet grains once they appear. They are difficult to eradicate, especially those formed on the eyelids and dark circles. The eye contour is, in fact, delicate, and it is not easy to intervene in that area of ​​the face. However, there are remedies against this skin blemish: let’s see the natural remedies to prevent or eliminate millet grains.

Millet Grains: How To Remove Them With Natural Remedies

To avoid this imperfection, it is not recommended to pierce millet grains. This operation could be dangerous because it would expose the area to infections and lead to the formation of scars.

In addition, piercing the grains may prove useless to remove millet grains since, unlike whiteheads and blackheads, the contents of millet grains are often not able to escape, especially when they are soft or in delicate areas. Puncturing or squeezing the balls under the eyes or on the eyelids, for example, could be very risky and useless for the purpose.

Regular scrubs and exfoliating scrubs that gradually remove whiteheads can greatly help to eliminate millet grains on cheekbones and cheeks effectively. The scrub – or gommage – is done once a week and can also be prepared at home with natural ingredients such as sugar, coffee grounds, coconut flour, or jojoba pearls. In addition to scrubs, to gradually reduce and favor the elimination of millet grains on the skin of the face, it is possible to resort to the acids contained in the fruit, which allow for natural facial cleansing. These substances can exfoliate the skin naturally. 

Therefore, you can buy exfoliating creams based on glycolic acid or other natural acids that help remove the most superficial layers of the stratum corneum and free the skin from millet grains. To find out when and whether to use these creams, it is good to ask your dermatologist for advice, who will surely be able to guide you towards the best choice for your skin type. Alternatively, home remedies such as strawberry, tomato, or kiwifruit masks can help remove millet grains naturally. Fruit-based face masks should be applied consistently and regularly, two to four times a week, to have appreciable results against millet grains.

If the remedies we have seen do not have the desired effect, it is still possible to remove millet grains definitively and in a few minutes, at least in some cases. Although millet grains cannot be eliminated at home, the dermatologist or beautician can remove them. In beauty centers, millet grains are generally removed by piercing them with small needles, while the dermatologist can perform laser treatments, obviously with higher costs. However, it should be noted that not all millet grains can be eliminated: generally, the larger grains of millet on the face and hard consistency is easily removed, while those that appear softer – this is the case, for example, of millet grains underneath. Eyes – can hardly be treated.

Prevent Millet Grains

The best remedy against millet grains remains prevention: a good beauty routine is the most effective way to avoid the formation of these balls. First of all, it is good to choose a gentle cleanser to cleanse the skin and the face. As for the moisturizer it is better to opt for a quality product, non-comedogenic and respects the skin’s physiology. Pay attention to make-up: foundations, powders, eye shadows, and silicone correctors can favor the formation of difficult to eradicate millet grains. 

Better to prefer natural make-up, perhaps choosing from the many mineral products that are now easily found on the market. And don’t forget to remove make-up every night before going to sleep. Finally, you should always apply a protective cream when you expose yourself to the sun, choosing it based on your prototype; even better would be to choose a moisturizer for the day that also contains sunscreen. With these small attentions and preventing the appearance of millet grains, the skin will remain healthy, young, and beautiful for longer.


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