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Natural And Homemade Mascara

The recipe with aloe vera oil and activated carbon. Very simple Experts advise, however, not to use these industrial products every day. How to apply mascara safely. And how important it is to remove your make-up before going to bed. Therefore it is very ancient. Like the all-female desire to highlight the lashes and thus strengthen and make the eyes more penetrating. Especially when the years go by. 

A widely used product, at different levels, and very present in the catalogs of the cosmetics industry, in reality, mascara has a unique prerogative: it is very simple and inexpensive to make it at home, with obvious advantages compared to the silicone-coated industrial product which must, in any case, be selected with a certain foresight.

DIY Mascara

Before exploring the various techniques for making a DIY mascara, it is important to know that choosing the right product is essential for eye health. Most of the mascaras on the market today are safe from the point of view of composition: the main ingredients of this make-up product are waxes, preservatives, and colored pigments.

The waterproof and water-resistant formulas also contain solvents that prevent the product from dripping wet by water, sweat, or tears. Dangerous substances used in the past, such as turpentine and mercury, have been almost totally banned, leaving room for ingredients that help lashes stay healthy, such as conditioners, moisturizers, and proteins.

Homemade Mascara

Not only that: the cosmetics industry also offers various organic mascaras produced with components designed both not to damage the lashes and to respect the environment. However, even the best products can dehydrate your lashes. From this point of view, a good compromise is represented by mascaras containing balms or moisturizers and those that require a double application: first with a softening base and then with a colored mascara.

In addition, the waterproof formulas contain dimethicone copolyol, a substance that may be irritating. For this reason, experts advise not to use them every day: better to reserve them for special occasions and when the risk of the mascara coli is real, for example, if you go to the pool. Let’s see together how to apply mascara best and make it at home in a simple way.

How To Put Mascara

Once you have chosen a safe product, most problems arise when mascara is not used correctly. Risks can be reduced by following these steps:

  1. Always remove your make-up before going to sleep by gently removing mascara and using hypoallergenic products.  During the night, mascara can increase the risk of infections, dehydrate the lashes, and, by drying out, make them more fragile. Not only that, when it is dry, the product can retain dirt and bacteria.
  2. Do not share the same mascara with others so as not to pass any illnesses.
  3. Please do not use it after the expiration date . This reduces the risk of bacterial infections.
  4. Leave the lashes free of mascara from time to time to allow the natural substances that themselves protect the lashes from strengthening.
  5. When using an eyelash curler,  always do this before applying mascara to avoid damaging or breaking your lashes.

How To Make Mascara At Home

But do you know that mascara can also be made at home, with little expense and zero waste? Just use aloe vera oil and activated charcoal, which can be found in herbal medicine. The procedure is simple and immediate:

  1. Put about half a capsule of activated charcoal and half a teaspoon of aloe vera oil in a bowl.
  2. Mix everything and apply on the lashes with a mascara applicator.

It is good to keep the lashes still for a few seconds to not get dirty in other parts of the face. Remove everything with a little water. Usually, these homemade mascaras need to be consumed quickly but can also be stored in the refrigerator, in an airtight bowl. To give a shade of color other than black, you can also mix the powder of your favorite eyeshadow with the preparation.


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