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Plucking Eyebrows: Step By Step To Beautiful Brows

Plucking eyebrows made it easy – and without pain. With our tricks and simple instructions, you can bring the right curve to your browsers that suit you and your face shape.

Your eyebrows not only contour your face but also have a significant protective function and keep sweat and dirt from getting into your eyes.

However, to help the brows pay attention to their line, a few minor adjustments are necessary now and then.

We’ll show you step by step how to find out which brow shape suits you and what you should pay attention to when plucking.

How To Find The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Before plucking your eyebrows, you should know your face shape to determine the ideal brow shape for you.

“As with the lips or the eyes, there is also an optimal shape with the brows that is generally perceived as beautiful.

This shape is created when the eyebrow rises two-thirds and then drops one-third at the highest point of the brow. This proportion suits every face shape and opens up the view,” ” explains Iris Martin, make-up and hair artist from Munich.

If you are unsure which shape suits you, use your natural eyebrow shape as a guide and adjust your browse carefully.

According to the expert, with just a few corrections, you can stay true to your appearance but give your face more contour.

Oval Face

If your face has a narrow, oval shape, then thick, slightly curved brows are ideal. The focus is directed to the eyes, and the slight curve underlines the shape of your face.

However, eyebrows that are too thin make a face appear rounded.

Round Face

The contours of the round face are soft and feminine. This face shape is flattered by browsers that are curved or slightly angular. 

The two shapes make a face appear narrower and more well-proportioned and thus skillfully set accents.

Heart-Shaped Or Diamond-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a broad forehead, narrow chin, and showy cheekbones. Often women with this face shape also have a pointed hairline.

The diamond-shaped face is similar to this shape, but the forehead and chin are relatively narrow.

Soft, slightly rounded brows that make a face look less harsh go well with these shapes.

Rectangular Or Square Face

These face shapes are very distinctive. A broad forehead and angular jawbones are typical here.

With a square face, the eyebrows should be soft and not too conspicuous, which is why flat brows with a slight curve are an advantage.

What Length Should The Eyebrows Be?

Place a pencil on the alar of your nose and run it past the inner corner of your eye. Where it ends, your brow should begin.

To determine the highest point of the eyebrow, place your ruler on the nostril again and run it diagonally over the iris.

You can determine the endpoint of the eyebrow by placing the pencil on the nostril again and moving it past the outer corner of the eye.

 “In general, the shape of the eyebrows shouldn’t  be too round – that gives the face an astonished expression.

Therefore, my advice is better to orient yourself on geometric contours; the soft, rounded shape results from repainting the brow and then combining it with the brow brush.

This makes the eyebrows look more natural,” ” advises the make-up artist.

The Right Tools For Plucking Eyebrows

“To pluck your eyebrows, you need good light, an eyebrow brush, and tweezers. A mirror or a magnifying mirror will help you not to overlook even the most delicate hairs. The eyebrows are disentangled with the brush and returned to their original position.

Which tweezers you choose for plucking depends entirely on your individual preference. However, the tweezers must have a good cut and close accurately,” ” continues Martin.

Angled Tweezers

Thanks to their beveled tips, these tweezers can be easily placed on the skin to remove precisely annoying hairs.

The broad surface of the inclined tweezers also offers the possibility of plucking several hairs at once, which is especially suitable for the area under the eyebrow.

Straight Tweezers

These tweezers also make it possible to remove hair over a large area, as they can grip several hairs at once.

Even very thick and stubborn hairs can be grasped and plucked out with straight tweezers.

Pointed Tweezers

When it comes to the finishing touches or individual, beautiful hairs, the pointed tweezers are used.

With the two narrow ends, ingrown hairs can be freed, and those just growing back can be plucked.

Step By Step Instructions: This Is How You Pluck Your Eyebrows


Gently comb your brows upwards with an eyebrow brush. Longer hairs that disrupt the contour of the brow should be trimmed to the upper brow line with a trimmer or scissors.

Then you comb your eyebrows down and shorten any protruding hairs. After you have brushed the brows in the direction of growth, the fine work can begin with the tweezers.

Get In Shape

For orientation, trace the shape of your desired eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

It is best to work your way from the inside out, removing the eyebrow hairs outside the contour. Start at the bridge of the nose and first pluck the annoying hairs between the brows.

Now remove the hairs below the eyebrows. Never pluck above. Otherwise, the arch of the eyebrow will be lost.

Try to relax the area around your eyes as you pluck. If you forehead wrinkles out, you change the shape of the eyebrows. If you stretch the skin area with two fingers, the plucking hurts less.

“My tip: if possible, pluck your eyebrows in the evening. This way, swellings can heal by the next morning,” ” advises the expert.


As with other forms of hair removal, reddening or irritation can occur after plucking the eyebrows. A lotion with soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera can help here.


To keep the eyebrows in shape, you can fix them with a special eyebrow gel. Some products contain additional fibers that thicken your browser and make them look fuller.

Five Tips For Less Pain When Plucking Eyebrows

  1. Depending on the sensitivity of your body to pain, it is usually lowest in the evening. Also, plan enough time so that you can take a break now and then.
  2. After showering, the pores are opened by the heat. Perfect for grabbing the hair on your forehead: the skin is free of grease after cleaning, and the fine hair is easier to grip.
  3. Put the tweezers in the refrigerator before use. The cold metal soothes the skin, and the plucking causes less pain.
  4. The direction of growth shows the way – so never pull against it, as this can irritate more easily.
  5. With an ice cube, you can cool the areas you want to get rid of annoying hairs or have already depilated. This relieves the swelling and also refreshes tired eyes.

What To Do If Too Much Has Been Plucked?

Even though hair usually grows back, eyebrows are very sensitive. The growth of the eyebrow hairs changes with age, and they follow up very slowly, if at all.

“If too much has been plucked, sandy areas can be leveled out with an eyebrow pencil, powder, or wax, and the brows can be reshaped.

In addition, serums help stimulate hair growth, and the hairs grow back faster. However, it takes a certain amount of time,” ” says make-up artist Iris Martin.

Besides Plucking: What Other Methods Are There?

In addition to plucking with tweezers, there are other ways to remove annoying hairs on the eyebrows.

During waxing, your eyebrows are shaped with warm wax. Sugaring works similarly. The hair is removed with a warm sugar paste, which is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

The thread technique is also offered not only in cosmetic studios but also in some hairdressing salons. The desired hairs are removed with a cotton thread, and the brows are shaped highly accurately.

A thread is stretched between the fingers and forms a tweezer tool at the intersecting points.


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