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Six Benefits Of Running For Your Health

Running is a type of physical activity presented as an excellent option to promote quality of life further. From relieving stress to promoting body weight, there are a lot of benefits to running from both a physical and mental point of view.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of running and understand why incorporating it into your routine can be a good thing, you are in the excellent article. 

Throughout the text, we will not only talk about the six benefits of running but also give tips on how you can start doing this activity. Good reading!

What Are The Benefits Of Running?

The benefits of running are many, starting with the fact that it is a straightforward and accessible activity. Among some worth mentioning are, for example:

  • Reducing the stress of anxiety;
  • Improved sleep quality;
  • Strengthens the bones;
  • Stimulation of blood circulation;
  • Increased weight loss;
  • Improved physical fitness.

We will talk a little about each of these benefits. 

Decreases Stress And Anxiety

The habit of running, first of all, helps to reduce stress and anxiety in the body. This is because hormones of happiness, such as endorphin and dopamine, are released in the brain when running.

In this way, the more you practice this activity, the more the body gets used to these sensations and manages to prolong them. In the long term, therefore, it is an excellent alternative to improve mood as well.


Improves Sleep Quality

Another benefit of running is that it also improves sleep quality. As we said, running causes the body to release endorphins, a substance that causes a feeling of well-being, and this will also help the body to relax.

Practicing at least 30 minutes a day at moderate intensity can already avoid the feeling of sleepiness during the day and a better quality of sleep at night.

Strengthens The Bones

Running is a type of physical exercise that impacts bones and joints. In this way, it manages to improve bone mass, which, in turn, favors the strengthening of bones.

It is the race that, through its impact, will help to consolidate calculus in our skeleton. In addition, it prevents the body from bone-related diseases, such as osteoporosis.

Stimulates Blood Circulation

Stimulating blood circulation is very important, and running can help with that. The aerobic practice of running improves heart capacity as the heart has to work harder to pump blood during exercise.

During rest from running, the heart rate decreases since the organ do not have to work as hard to transport blood. 

This process will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Along with this, the habit of running will also help in lowering blood pressure.

Favors Weight Loss

Another famous benefit of running is weight loss. That’s because running is a physical activity that will require the body to move and, in turn, the expenditure of calories.

And even if it’s not a super intense run, running at a slightly higher pace will already make your body burn more calories.

In addition, even later, at rest, the effects of running will manage to keep your body burning calories.

Increases Physical Fitness

People who get tired much less. This happens because running increases the body’s resistance not only to the heart but also to the lungs and muscles.

With continued practice, you will withstand the discomfort generated by running for longer and be in better physical condition for performing activities that demand strength and breath.

How Long Does It Take Until I Get The Benefits Of Running?

As you can see, running offers several benefits. However, you may wonder: how long does it take for me to notice the effects of running?

The benefits of running can be perceived in the long term; it takes continuous practice. Practicing this aerobic activity at least three times a week is essential. At this rate, it will be possible to see differences after a month of practice.

How To Warm Up For The Street Race

To enjoy all the benefits of running, it is essential to prepare for the practice correctly. First, before running, it is necessary to perform stretching exercises to avoid injury. 

Stretching will generate a “stress” impact on the muscle fibers, which will be essential to offer them more flexibility, and thus, you will have a more excellent range in your movements.

In addition to stretching, you can warm up your muscles through the dynamic warm-up. The idea is to start doing the activity more slowly and smoothly so you can pick up speed.

That is before you start running, you should start by taking a walk and, thus, gradually increase.

How Long Run?

The recommendation is to practice running for at least 30 to 45 minutes three times a week. The idea is to offer a break between race days and other types of physical exercises.

Post Race

Just like stretching before you run, pulling post-run is also essential to avoid injury. 

Another critical point is that our body loses a lot of water, so after the race, it is essential to drink more water to hydrate the body.

How To Start Running

As we said, running is a highly democratic exercise; after all, you can run anywhere that allows displacement. However, before starting the race, it is essential to seek medical advice.

For example, people at risk of a heart attack may not be instructed to do this activity or, therefore, need to do it with limitations. Consequently, it is essential to assess the general health status beforehand.


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