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Walking Barefoot: Why Is It Good For You?

The body regains its natural balance. The foot muscles are strengthened. Walking barefoot also helps you sleep. But there are some contraindications.

The first and perhaps most important benefit is improved circulation, especially for children and the elderly. But walking barefoot (in the Anglo-Saxon language is a real trend:  barefoot ) helps to have a complex posture, where we are used to sitting in a sprawling way with some damage to the back.

Walking Barefoot 

Despite being small compared to other body parts, the foot has a complex structure, with 100 tendons, ligaments, muscles, 26  bones, and 33 joints. It endures significant efforts, starting with our body (a pressure equal to three times our weight). According to research by the New York State Podiatric Medical Association, 80 percent of feet start to have deformations and problems after age twenty.

Benefits Of Walking Barefoot 

Walking barefoot, indoors and outdoors (where possible), allows you to get in touch with yourself, regaining possession of your freedom and your relationship with nature, with many benefits for your health. Walking barefoot thus helps the foot to conform better, in a natural way. In children, it is decisive for the sensory stimulation of the soles of the feet. It improves the entire microcirculation of the organism and the posture and gives psychological benefits.

What Is Barefooting

Barefooting, as the shoeless walking that is good for the body and mind is called, is a practice initially carried out in New Zealand and then spread everywhere. A fundamental philosophy of life for some, at the base of which there is the belief that wearing shoes precludes the foot from perceiving the ground correctly and making a whole series of natural movements with consequent repercussions on the body and especially on the back Walking barefoot, on the other hand, allows our body to regain its natural balance, exercising the muscles of the feet and obtaining a correct distribution of the body weight. And walking barefoot also improves the circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems and prevents problems related to swollen legs and feet.

Benefits Of Walking Bare

Benefits valid for adults and the little ones: walking with bare feet allows children to develop the foot’s arch correctly and stimulate muscle activity. The important thing is that the surface on which the child walks barefoot is cold, the parquet floor is excellent in summer, and it is cleaned effectively to avoid infections.

To get the maximum benefits, the best place to walk barefoot and then practice barefooting is nature, excellent walks on the green and those by the sea. To practice barefooting safely, avoid walking in unfamiliar places or rough or polluted ground where you could come into contact with objects that could cause cuts, wounds, or infections. It is also essential to start practicing this activity a little at a time with short runs at the beginning and increase the duration of the barefoot walks as the muscles get stronger.

Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

So here are all the advantages and benefits of walking barefoot :

1) Walking barefoot helps counteract flat feet. Training in this walking since childhood helps arch the plantar vault and develop a healthy foot.

2) This is a very relaxing activity. The foot contains more than 200 thousand nerve fragments, and walking barefoot improves a specific sensory effect and our body’s energy balance.

3) Helps circulation. When the feet are not tight in shoes or socks, the muscles in the area are more active. They pump blood much better and help improve our blood circulation in general.

4) Walking barefoot helps prevent back pain by allowing you to place your foot on the ground with less violence than using shoes. And this helps the spine stay in the correct position.

5) Walking barefoot allows our body to eliminate fats and toxins quickly.

6) Improve body balance and posture.

7) It is a natural anti-stress practice that can also fight depression by strengthening the nervous system.

8) Prevents the formation of varicose veins as it strengthens the venous system.

9) Improve breathing and sleep.

10) Fights the free radicals responsible for aging and strengthens our immune system.

Walking Barefoot Contraindications

However, there are some contraindications to walking barefoot. First, it is not recommended for those suffering from tendonitis, hallux valgus, hammer toes, arthritis, or osteoarticular problems—the same for those suffering from plantar fasciitis or heels. People who have diabetes should also avoid walking barefoot, as they have susceptible skin and could end up with some foot injuries.

Where To Walk Barefoot

Not all places are suitable for walking barefoot. And it’s not a good idea to wear hippie makeup and follow a trend. To walk barefoot, you must choose a clean surface with a risk of crossing bacteria and germs. The most suitable places, also for the resulting benefits, are sand and grass.


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