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What To Eat Post-Workout? See Tips For Your Diet!

A diet for hypertrophy requires following a regulated diet rich in essential nutrients to recover the damage caused during physical exercise.

In this post, we will present some tips on what to eat post-workout, as well as tips on what to avoid and the times for consumption.

Post-Workout: Post-Workout Foods And How Your Metabolism Works

Our body can often be compared to a machine, especially regarding what to eat post-workout.

Like any machine, we cannot function or perform to our full potential without adequate fuel.

The big question is that, when we talk about fuel for this machine (the human body), we need to understand that it is not enough to eat and ingest calories, among other things. Our bodies need more than 40 different types of nutrients every day.

For this machine to perform at its maximum working capacity, it is necessary to pay attention to four primary laws that govern nutrition: quantity, quality, harmony and adequacy.

Experts point out that food is the key to gaining lean body mass, which can reach 60% of its importance. So, follow these essential tips to understand better what to eat post-workout.

What Is The Importance Of Post-Workout Nutrition?

Post-workout nutrition is essential for several factors. One of the main ones is to avoid the famous catabolism, helping muscle protein synthesis by restoring glycogen and liver reserves.

It can improve muscle and tissue recovery, help reduce fat, increase lean muscle mass gain, reduce fatigue and contribute to maintaining the immune system.

According to an article, not respecting the time required to restore physical condition before starting a new activity can be harmful by limiting performance and increasing the risk of injury.

As a result, the lack of nutrients in the post-workout body can cause different complications, such as loss of bone mineral and muscle mass, anemia, eating disorders, injuries and increased risk of fatigue.

What To Eat After Training? See Ten Foods!

To know the best foods for your post-workout diet, you need to receive an evaluation and follow-up from a nutritionist and the physical educator, mainly to meet the specifications (duration, intensity and frequency) of your training routine.

The first two hours following exercise are critical because, in this period, our muscle tissue needs proteins and amino acids to regenerate the muscles. There is also maximum activity of an enzyme called glycogen synthase, which helps in the resynthesis of muscle glycogen.

For this reason, consuming carbohydrate-rich foods is essential in this period for glycogen resynthesis.

Food Source Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates help maintain blood glucose levels, replenish glycogen stores, and aid recovery and muscle contraction.

According to research, although foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates (slow digestion) are more recommended for a healthy diet when the objective is to maximize the recovery of glycogen and muscle tissue in the post-workout period, it is necessary to ensure faster muscle glycogen recovery.

Some carb-rich foods are welcome right after training but remember good-quality carbs.

  • Sweet potato;
  • sweet potato sauce;
  • Yukon potato;
  • Manioc;
  • Oat;
  • Wheat germ;
  • Pasta, bread and rice (wholegrain);
  • Seeds;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Carbohydrate supplements (dextrose and maltodextrin).

The Daily Amount Of Carbohydrates

To optimize muscle recovery, it is recommended that carbohydrate consumption be between 5 and 8 g/kg of body weight/day.

In long-lasting activities and intense training, there is a need for up to 10g/kg of weight/day for adequate muscle glycogen recovery and muscle mass increase.

Protein Options For The Vegan Diet For Hypertrophy

Individuals with dietary restrictions, such as vegans, can benefit from consuming vegetable proteins with isolated proteins from rice, peas or soy or combining these three sources to form a shake.

The addition of leucine to shakes with vegetable proteins is often well indicated to complement the supply of this nutrient, which is crucial for muscle hypertrophy.

Regardless of the individual’s goal, it is essential to remember that consuming post-workout foods correctly is essential. Only with a strategically designed diet will it be possible to achieve the desired results.


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