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No More Morning Grouch! With These Simple Tips, Everyone Will Become A Morning Exercise

Full power right after waking up: These five tips will help you lace up your running shoes in the morning exercise as a matter of course and start the day fresh, energetic, and alert.

Sport is important – there is no question about that. But whether it is better to train in the morning or the evening, opinions differ.

Morning grouches prefer to get into their running shoes in the evening. But there are plenty of good reasons to go running in the morning.

Because morning exercise gets your circulation going, you start the day much fresher, and you have the running route to yourself.

But even if the advantages are obvious, it is not always easy – especially in the dark half of the year – to be active in the morning.

With these tips, you will overcome your weaker self – no matter how early it is.

Find Peace

If you ensure that you get enough sleep, you can get up early in the morning without much inner persuasiveness. Tormenting yourself from a deep sleep in the morning because you only turned off your laptop four hours ago is counterproductive.

Of course, this does not mean that getting up is always easy, but that once you stand in your running shoes, you are at least physically fit for the run.

It is best to put out your running clothes the evening before – then you can start straight away.

Music To Your Ears

Music on, World off putting together a motivating playlist can significantly increase motivation. Fast songs are good for springs; slow sounds are great for warming up.

Morning Exercise With A Running Partner

Appointments help you not just turn off the alarm but turn around again. The best thing to do is agree on fixed days and times for running.

This saves you the “scramble” the evening before, whether you pull it off in the morning or prefer to treat yourself to a glass of wine.

The hurdle of canceling an appointment and thus the running partner helps to carry out your training program more reliably.

Make The Run A Habit

According to a British study, it takes an average of 66 days for new processes to manifest in the brain. So staying on the ball is worth it because over time, it becomes easier and even a beloved habit to go jogging before work.

If you make the run a routine and don’t ask yourself the “pleasure question” every morning, it will quickly be easier.

It also helps to focus on the beautiful moments of the run: the first deep breath, the clear air, the loneliness on the track, or the sunrise – this is an ideal start to the day.

Not From 0 to 100

If you have never run in the morning before, you shouldn’t plan to go jogging early every day from now on.

It is advisable to start with a one morning session per week; as soon as the muscles and cardiovascular system have got used to the load, you can increase the frequency.

Even short distances get the circulation going and train endurance without being completely exhausted and starting the day with heavy legs.


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