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Three Yoga Exercises For Fuller And More Efficient Breathing

Get Full Oxygen

  1. Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides, breathe in through your nose. As you breathe out through your mouth, bring the backs of your hands together, at pubic height.
  2. Inhaling, bring the hands up to the level of the mouth, the fingers folded around the lips, then spread the arms out at shoulder height; finally, raise the arms in V (all this on the same inspiration!).
  3. As you exhale, squat down, bringing your elbows close to your body. Once on the floor, extend your arms, backs of your hands together.
  4. Inhaling, come back to the vertical, then place your hands around your mouth again, fingers folded around the lips.
  5. As you exhale, bring your arms back to your sides.
  6. Repeat the entire sequence.
  7. Stay squatting for a while.
  8. Inhaling, return to the vertical, then place the fingers around the mouth, the fingers folded around the lips.
  9. As you breathe out, spread your arms horizontally and stand on your tiptoes.

Increase Breathing Capacity Against Asthma Attacks

  1. Comfortably seated, back straight. Inhale, then briefly hold the air in your lungs at the end of the inspiration. Exhale, then briefly keep your lungs empty at the end of the exhalation.
  2. Breathe in a while, mentally counting the number of seconds, then breathe out at the same time.
  3. Continue to inhale and exhale as well.
  4. Add an item: At the end of the inhalation and the end of the exhalation, hold your breath for the same length of time as your breathing. For example, breathe in for 3 seconds, hold the air in your lungs for 3 seconds. Exhale for 3 seconds, keep your lungs empty for 3 seconds.
  5. Continue for 4-6 breaths, then optionally increase the duration of each step.

Clear The Bronchi

  1. Standing with your feet slightly apart, place your fists on the solar plexus, the bust slightly tilted forward. Inhale and exhale in this position.
  2. Inhaling very slowly, gradually straighten the chest and strike the rib cage with both fists, from bottom to top and from the inside to the outside.
  3. Breathe out slowly.
  4. Inhale and hold your breath. With full lung retention, rub your rib cage with the palms of your hands: forward, to the sides, backā€¦ Then breathe out.
  5. Inhaling deeply, open the arms outstretched, then exhale while making a silent “A” while tilting the torso slightly forward and bending the knees.
  6. Straighten up on the inhale, then exhale.
  7. Repeat twice.

Precautions: Warning, this exercise is not suitable if you are in respiratory distress. We must call the emergency room.

Three Useful Exercises That Will Help You Declutter Your Bronchial Tubes:

  1. Exercise 1: In case of congestion and if you need to expel (expel, spit out), it is sufficient to start by inhaling gently through your nose, then to breathe out while opening your mouth as if you were exhaling to vaporize. Be careful, and it makes you cough. 
  2. Exercise 2: Another exercise that children love is the glass of water and straw. The principle is simple: we blow in the straw to make bubbles.
  3. Exercise 3: Finally, we take care of his rib cage because it helps us breathe. Thus, using a stick (or a broom, for example), it is recommended to make the object rise above his head while inhaling and to bring it down to its level while blowing.


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