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7 Tips For Healthy, Strong, And Shiny Hair

Healthy, strong, and shiny hair is the dream of all of us; how much hard work does it take to be able to show off enviable hair? If you have not been kissed by luck and Mother Nature has not given you naturally soft and shiny hair, you will necessarily have to follow some simple rules, which you will love, given the results!

The scalp needs the same care applied to the skin: hydration, nourishment, and strengthening. Forget the moisturizer on your face? No? So why forget conditioner or hair masks? Don’t miss these 7 tips to improve your hair!

1 Use A Satin Pillowcase For Your Pillow While You Sleep

Cotton absorbs moisture, literally stealing moisture from your skin and hair overnight. Choose a satin pillowcase (i.e., cotton covered with polyester);  it is an excellent silky fabric that will not cause sweating or tangled knots in your hair. The material also lasts much longer than a simple pillowcase.

2 Don’t Use Shampoo Every Day

Lathering the daily hair forces the scalp to produce more natural oils, as it is deprived of the protective layer of sebum on the skin’s surface. This causes apparent greasiness, forcing you to use another shampoo. It is a vicious circle, which, fortunately, can be easily broken. Do not wash your hair daily with shampoo; better do it every other day (if possible, further prolong the intervals between washes). If you can’t do without it, wet your hair and massage it as you would with shampoo, but using simple water. This should be enough to restore the skin’s natural oiliness.

3 Moisturize Every Day For Healthy Hair

To have healthy hair, it is essential to moisturize continuously. Not only after shampooing but every day, especially on the lengths. We often avoid conditioner, fearing it may weigh down the hair. Several poor-quality products produce this unwanted effect. However, new technologies produce products comparable to natural moisturizing creams for the face, indispensable for hair care.

4 Use Natural Vegetable Oils

We will never tire of saying it; vegetable oils are a precious resource for our body. Coconut oil, macadamia nut, almond, and argan. Essential beauty elixirs for healthy hair. Use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment: mix dry hair with oil, massage and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing and shampooing. If it doesn’t bother you, keep the oil on all night; you will have irresistibly soft hair when you wake up.

5 Use The Correct Hairbrush

Choose soft brushes with fairly wide bristles in case you have long hair. It is essential not to cause tears but to untangle the knots gently. Always start by working from the top of the head, slowly working your way down to the lengths. Do not jerk but do short brushes. A single pass would bring all the knots down, causing the tips to break. Better to proceed step by step.

6 Make Regular Trims

Good news! Let’s dispel the myth of having to shorten your hair every month; every 3 or 4 will be more than enough. Word of international hair stylists. How much to cut? One or two centimeters, no more. Hair grows from 50mm to 2cm per month. If you have them long, some tips may be really “old”;  better to eliminate them to make room for new, less battered ones.

7 Dry Shampoo As An Alternative To Hairspray

It does not contain alcohol and is less aggressive on the skin. Excellent for naturally fixing loose hairstyles. Much less practical for those collected, in which the lacquer is of fundamental importance. Also, try it before using hot styling tools (such as straighteners); the hold will improve, and your hair will be more protected. 


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