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Acne, What Causes It, And How To Treat It

Skin break-out is a fiery illness portrayed by the presence of pimples, papules, pustules on the storage compartment, however, particularly on the face and in the most extreme instances of knobs and growths. At the foundation of skin inflammation, there is seborrhea, which is the expansion in fat emitted by the sebaceous organs, which in skin inflammation victims are hyperfunctional. The particular reasons for skin break out are different. It is no accident that it is characterized as a multifactorial infection. 

We have said that there is unequivocally seborrhea at the base, connected to a hyperfunction of the sebaceous organs that are animated by androgens. These male sex chemicals are available both in men than ladies cause fat addition. The sebaceous organs produce an abundance of sebum and structure comedones: once microorganisms have colonized these, they transform into incendiary sores like papules and, afterward, pustules. Different elements that contribute to the assurance or deterioration of skin break out are pressure, uneasiness, and overall emotional states. 

Stress builds seborrhea, and along these lines, the creation and arrival of skin break out, yet it likewise intensely affects what can be characterized as a psychosomatic disease. The individual, particularly the youngster, who is impacted by this sort of pathology, is adversely impacted by these defects on an emotional level and will generally influence the issue in public activity and involvement with others. There is a certain commonality, or rather an inherited inclination to get skin inflammation. Different causes, albeit less continued, might be identified with hormonal aggravations or metabolic infections.

Our Tips For Treating Acne

There are some important rules to follow for proper acne management. The first is to contact a dermatologist who knows how to recognize the form of acne and indicate the right therapy.

Another important aspect is to face the therapies and treatment times with patience and constancy: in the vast majority of cases, we are talking about long paths, so it is essential not to be influenced on an emotional level, just as you absolutely must not press the blackheads because they usually never come off completely but cause scars and blemishes.

The third aspect of paying attention to is the behavior that must be taken in the sun: Exposure to the sun is allowed but taking two precautions, thus avoiding exposure without protection but using adequate filters that do not increase blackheads. Even make-up is allowed: indeed, in some cases, it is recommended to accept yourself better and therefore avoid that the imperfection factor can further aggravate the inflammation. The products to use do not cause an increase in blackheads, so I prefer mineral pigments, products that do not contain petrolatum and silicones and do not further damage the skin.

The scarring of acne can be treated with peels and lasers, such as the CO2 laser. They should only be followed by expert hands and only when the acne is no longer active: if performed with acne in the acute phase, they can cause damage. Having many varieties of expressions (comedogenic, papular, pustular, papulopustular, or in the most severe forms cystic or conglobate nodule), the treatments are numerous. They must be established only by the dermatologist, often collaborating with other specialists such as the gynecologist.

Cleansing is fundamental, which must not be aggressive but deep, and local management with different products such as exfoliating antibiotics, without underestimating the importance of hydration.


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