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Does Eating Only Fruit Make You Lose Weight? Is It Bad?

There is always a fad diet, and among them, there is one in which the person only eats fruits, also known as fruitarians. Let’s find out more about this diet. Does eating only fruit make you lose weight? Is it bad?

What Is Fruitarian

Fruitarian people have their diet based exclusively or mainly on raw fruits. Some include nuts and seeds, but vegetables, grains, and animal products are completely off the menu.

Adding nuts and chestnuts to the menu means consuming more protein and fat; eating only fruit does lose weight. However, this diet causes the person to lose many healthy and important foods and nutrients for the body.

Eat Fruits To Lose Weight

Fruits are sweet, nutritious, and full-feeling foods, so they can seem like a healthy way to curb your appetite when someone is looking to lose weight. Eating only fruit makes you lose weight, but it cannot be the only food group that a person consumes. It can help as an ally in the diet.

Fruits are low in calories and fat and high in fiber. A cup of strawberry, for example, contains 77 calories, 0.2 g of fat, and 4.6 of fiber. The fruit has high water content, so 1 cup of strawberries will make you feel fuller than if you had eaten 1 cup of ground beef, which is relatively higher in calories.

Any diet that involves eating just one food or food group is considered a “fad diet,” and they are popular because they can provide quick weight loss results – the fewer calories you consume, the more weight you will lose, but that doesn’t mean that weight loss is healthy or sustainable.

Fad diets are dangerous because they do not provide the body with adequate nutrients. For example, fruits do not contain protein, and your body needs protein to build muscle, strong bones, and function properly. These fad diets, such as sticking to a fruit-only diet, can cause malnutrition, dizziness, fatigue, dehydration, nausea, and even more serious illness when followed for a long period.


Sustainable And Unsustainable Weight Loss

Fad diets are unsustainable because you can only stick to them for short periods. No one can eat only fruit for the rest of their life, as eventually, they will have to stop their diet and eat other foods, and as soon as they eat something other than fruit, the weight will likely return.

Here are some of the possible health risks of eating only fruit:

Higher Risk Of Weight Gain

If you think that eating only fruit makes you lose weight, know that this can happen, but probably, as soon as you stop this diet, all the lost pounds come back and depending on the amount of fruit you eat, you can even gain weight by following this diet.

Lack Of Protein

One of the most important nutrients to consume is protein. Proteins are molecules made up of smaller molecules known as amino acids, which build virtually everything in the body, from skin, hair, and nails to hemoglobin in the blood.

Zero Good Fats

Another major concern of fruit-only diets is the lack of good fats, especially omega-3 essential fatty acids. Consumption of essential fatty acids and other good fats is vital for many body functions, including maintaining proper hormone levels and brain function. A fruitarian diet allows only a few sources of good fats in minimal amounts.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Protein and good fats aren’t the only things that your body can run out of when following a fruit-only diet. Vitamins and minerals lacking in the fruitarian diet also tend to include calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, and all of the B vitamins.

These nutrients are necessary for your body’s healthy daily functioning.

Dangerous For Insulin Levels And Diabetes

Guess what all fruits have in common? Sugar content. Some are lower in sugar, but most fruits are naturally very high in sugar in general. Although they are natural sugars, if you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or struggle with blood sugar balance, you know that when it comes to sugar in all forms, you have to be careful with your intake to maintain a healthy pancreas. And optimal insulin levels.

Higher Probability Of Cavities

Due to the naturally high sugar content in fruit, a fruitarian diet has been linked to an increased likelihood of cavities. Not only are fruits typically loaded with sugar, but they are also quite acidic, leading to erosion of tooth enamel. The sugar and acid content of fruits can be a lethal combination for dental health for people following this diet.


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