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Five Calorie-Cutting Menu Ideas

The holidays are over, and the time has come to resume the old routine and get back on track from every point of view. There are always a variety of mistakes when it comes to food at Christmas. Lunches and dinners dedicated to good food certainly don’t help those who care a lot about physical fitness but don’t panic. To get rid of the excesses of the last few weeks, here are some tips and ideas for simple and light meals to prepare without giving up taste.

Eating Lightly And Tastefully Is Possible

The idea that eating well is always synonymous with abundant and fat-rich dishes is profoundly wrong. It is possible, in fact, to enjoy a good meal prepared with the proper moderation without neglecting the impact it will have on our health and physical fitness. The choice of genuine ingredients is fundamental, as is knowing how to dose and combine them perfectly in order to create dishes that are as tasty as they are delicate and not heavy. 

This is the general rule for those who intend to stick to a light menu. It is essential in these days following the holidays to gradually return to old habits and cleanse the body. There are also specific diets with particular characteristics, such as the ketogenic diet, a special diet based on the drastic reduction of carbohydrates in favor of fats and proteins.

Ideas And Advice For A Light Menu

To get back into shape and follow a healthy and balanced diet, preferably combined with regular physical activity, here are five practical tips and ideas on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and various snacks:

  1. First of all, it is essential to reduce portions, prefer healthy and easily digestible foods such as fruit, vegetables, and proteins (mainly white meat), and consume few carbohydrates. Drinking at least two liters of water a day, including purifying and draining herbal teas, helps combat swelling, stimulates metabolism, and eliminates toxins present in the body. Between one meal and another, it is also a good idea to have small snacks, perhaps based on fruit; there are specific fruits that help you lose weight. Generally speaking, the ideal would be to eat little and often.
  2. Breakfast is one of the main meals of the day; therefore, it should always be included and included. Whole grains, biscuits with jam, fruit, and honey, combined with simple tea, oat milk, or rice milk, help you start on the right foot. Orange juice is also perfect to fill up energy and strengthen your defenses!
  3. For lunch, explicitly speaking of first courses, it is sometimes better to prefer rice to pasta; it helps to keep you light and fill you up much sooner. You can eat it plain or season it as you like, as long as the previously imposed lightness criteria are respected: rice with boiled courgettes or carrots, brown rice with mushrooms, and rice with spinach or asparagus are just some of the tasty possible variations.
  4. For second courses, however, do not give up meat, preferably white, such as a simple and tasty chicken breast, a very versatile dish that adapts perfectly to many recipes, but remaining on the subject of light menus, we recommend roasting it and enjoying it with a good salad side dish based on cucumbers, veal, or simple tomato. Boiled spinach is also excellent.
  5. Although it would be better to give up dessert, at least for the first time, those who really can’t do so can opt for a light coffee semifreddo, which, instead of weighing it down, refreshes the palate and helps digestion. Only some desserts are good or high-calorie, if we know which ones to choose! To prepare a good light coffee semifreddo, just a few ingredients are enough: coffee, honey, eggs, and Greek yogurt.

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