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What Is Slimming?

Do you know what slimming is? Let’s talk about natural, healthy weight loss, not taking unnatural medicines, which can harm your health, or rigorous and dangerous diets. And there’s more… Slimming is not the same as losing weight; you didn’t know that, right?

Stay with us in this text, and we will break down everything about weight loss and explain this statement made above. In addition, to lose weight, it is necessary to create new habits.

Definition Of Weight Loss

Weight loss is about changing behavior and habits. This goes far beyond losing weight. You must change your mind so that it understands what you want and how far you want to go.

So, the most challenging part of losing weight is getting your head to work 100% focused on that goal, and not just for a short period, but after reaching that goal, keep it up, which is the hardest part of losing weight.

If your head doesn’t dance to the music, you may even lose weight, but you won’t get the results you want, or worse, you’ll regain everything you fought so hard to lose.

We live in a time where having mental health up to date is highly valued. That’s because, with everything happening, stress, depression, and anxiety are three diseases that have predominated a lot.

Therefore, anxiety is one of the enemies of weight loss, sometimes allied, but this is not healthy. When people are anxious, they seek to eat caloric and fatty things so that they feel the sensation of momentary pleasure. It would be more or less than saying, “When we eat delicious things, we don’t think about the problems.” And because of him, many people end up sabotaging themselves in this way, with this false pleasure, and in fact, they are only ingesting endless calories.

On the other hand, anxiety, especially in crises that sometimes last minutes or hours, sometimes days, makes the person stop feeling hungry and, in many cases, goes two or three days without eating. This is not healthy because it lowers immunity and can bring several health problems.

What Is The Role Of The Nutritionist In Weight Loss?

This specialist works with the most logical sense of weight loss. He takes care of healthy behavior to provide his patients with the necessary nutrients that vary from organism to organism.

Despite the difficulties, a person seeking professional help has already taken the first step toward achieving their goals. In addition, when we make a food plan with someone guiding us, it is easier to stick to it than deciding to go on a diet without any help and on your own.

That’s because your food becomes more regulated, and you will be dieting according to your head and desire to eat something. You will not necessarily be prohibited from doing what other people tell you, but because it is any indication, it is common for people to charge more.

Often, people do this so as not to disappoint the nutritionist. However, the correct way to carry out a follow-up of this type is to think that you should do it so as not to disappoint yourself. If the person is pre-determined to get into this food reeducation, it is one more reason that facilitates the success of his plan.

In addition, relapses are very common, and there is no problem with eating something different once a week or deviating a little from the diet, as long as this habit does not become a tradition more than once a week.

What Is The Weight Loss?

Many people who start a healthy routine fail to see the results on the scales. However, one thing they don’t realize is that they are shrinking and losing measurements despite everything.

Most focus on the number that appears when you step on the scale, but they don’t notice what you can see with the naked eye: evolution.

This usually happens because those who train traditionally replace the fat present in the body with muscle mass.

Muscles are much more rigid and compact than fat. For example, A pound of fat takes up much more space than a pound of muscle.

The idea is wherever you go to the nutritionist, ask the professional for this exam; measuring muscle mass and fat percentage will make you look at this whole situation differently.

How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Losing weight is lighter instead; on the other hand, this can occur because of the loss of lean mass. This is not good.

While muscle mass is directly linked to muscles, lean mass is the set of these muscles, bones, vital organs, and body fluids.

The percentage of fat is linked to everything but lean mass. Excess fat in the body is awful for health.

Healthy Weight Loss

This must happen due to changes in habits, such as:

  • Practicing physical exercises.
  • Drinking plenty of water.
  • Making a food reeducation plan.
  • Sleeping early, among other patterns, you can check in our other post on healthy weight loss.

What Is Lean Mass Loss?

This is a typical result that is part of the aging process.

In the same way, losing it can also occur due to a lousy diet, which directly affects those who intend to follow a healthy life.

Muscle And Fat

Muscle and fat are precisely the same weight. The difference is volume, so fat takes up much more space than muscle.

When you have a good diet and exercise, you can increase your muscle mass and reduce your body fat percentage. And it’s worth remembering that muscle weighs too, so sometimes, not losing weight isn’t necessarily bad news.



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