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Power Breaks: With These 9 Exercises, You Can Recharge Your Batteries

More is more! Or not? According to studies, those who press the stop button are more productive. These 9 exercises will recharge your batteries!

Anyone who keeps stepping on the gas will sooner or later notice that this doesn’t work in the long run.

What your body needs now is a break.

Do you think breaks are time wasters? On the contrary!

For the first five exercises, you need a maximum of 15 minutes – perfect for recharging your batteries in between! If you have a little more time, exercises six to nine are an excellent way to start the day or end it in the evening.

Tip: Find a way to take a break that works for you and make it a daily ritual.

Let Off Steam

Stress causes a breathing rate similar to walking or dashing: short and choppy.

Try the opposite and breathe through closed teeth! This technique forces the abdominal muscles to push the diaphragm up, pushing air out of the lungs.

After the (almost) complete exhalation, you automatically take much deeper air – and more oxygen into the lungs. And when your breath deepens and slows, it also calms your nerves.

Find Serenity

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Now imagine you are at sea – a vast, deep sea. Now you glide elegantly along the waves on a surfboard and only concentrate on the one wave you are currently riding.

Then comes the next one. The next. And the next. You breathe crisp, clear air and are one with your movement, wave after wave.

“You can’t ride two waves at once, and you’re never done. It doesn’t matter how often and how long you ride your board,”.

She also advises always doing one thing because multitasking is a myth.

Breathe In Energy

Get up and take a few steps. Whenever you take a break, change the environment.

Open a window and take deep breaths. Imagine how you let go of stress, hectic, and burdens when you breathe out and how breathing in the fresh, oxygen-rich air fills you with new energy.


“Now and then close your eyes for a few minutes and pay attention to what you can perceive with your other senses,” 

Where are you now? In which building, which city? What different sounds do you perceive? what are you feeling

How does your body feel, your current posture?

What can you smell right now? Do you have a specific taste in your mouth? Just be there and feel what’s going on.

The practice can help you become more mindful.

Strengthen Concentration

“There are many reflex zones on the ear – with a massage we can stimulate the whole organism,” .

Take your ear cups between your index finger and thumb and rub them intensely. Work your way from the pinna to the earlobe

and give it a good pounding.

Then massage your index finger in circular motions around the opening to the ear canal. Stroke down the outside of the ear curve from top to bottom.

Finally, shake your hands lightly.

Pleasant Warmth

Treat yourself to a full bath twice a week – or visit the sauna after a round in the gym. Because stress often leads to tight muscles, especially in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Heat, on the other hand, relaxes. Essential oils (especially lemon balm), whether as a bath additive or sauna infusion, increase the effect further.

Consciously let your shoulders hang loosely down.

Repeatedly, with firm pressure, run your hands across from the hairline at the nape of the neck down to the shoulder blade. And enjoy the warmth.

Running Away From Stress

Regular jogging or walking reduces the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, consistently and continuously – and at the same time increases joie de vivre and self-esteem.

The blood circulation in the brain is improved, remembering and learning are more accessible again, and the ability to concentrate increases. The ideal is 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic training three times a week, i.e., sport that burns oxygen.

The best thing to do is build in the walk to work.



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