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Keep Fit With Ten Simple Habits

Sleep well, eat healthily, and play sports. But also:

  • Do not do excessive training.
  • Allow yourself a few moments of relaxation.
  • Do not overdo the sacrifices.

Keeping the line is not a seasonal goal but a goal to be achieved all year round.

Keeping fit is not difficult. As long as there is continuity in some habits that are decisive for our well-being: exercise, sleep well, and follow a correct diet. Have a good dose of serenity and smile often.

How To Keep In Shape

To stay in shape always and not waste money obsessing over cyclical and tiring diets, or overly stressful physical activities, it is essential to maintain a double compass in behavior. On the one hand, do not give yourself unrealistic goals, which then have a counterproductive effect, and only good (but not realized) intentions remain. On the other hand, you need to focus on the simplest but still the most valuable things not to lose shape. Never.

Tips For Keeping In Shape

Here are the 10 essential tips which mix the two sides of our lifestyles:

  • Don’t overdo the sacrifices. Start with setting achievable goals: it is useless and counterproductive to make too drastic diets that involve exaggerated and drastic renunciations. As in all things, results are achieved only through progressive paths. To begin with, instead of eating much less, start by choosing healthy food.
  • Plenty of water, including fruits and vegetables. A recent study published in Medicine found that people who gained less weight in scientific research ate higher amounts of red fruits, apples and pears, tofu and soy, cauliflower, avocado, oranges, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and green beans. carrots and peppers. These foods are high in water, fiber, and a low glycemic index, all of which help keep hunger at bay and reduce calorie intake.
  • Lose weight without excess and too much speed. Losing 10 kilograms in just a few days is useless and risks damaging your metabolism. The ideal would be to lose a maximum of two kilos in a month, eat healthily and correctly, and move more. To be lasting, weight loss must be slow because the body can adapt better to the change in this way. On the other hand, it is the small changes that last over time that bring great results. So abolish the “Taliban” diets.
  • Adapt and get used to healthy food. This is a fundamental condition if you want to stay fit without exerting too much effort. You are wisely choosing what to eat based on freshness, and calorie intake is the best way to guarantee your body the necessary energy without overloading it. Learn to read labels and select the foods you put on the table.
  • Vegan isn’t always better. Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a vegetarian or vegan. It represents a “healthy” choice but is not the only viable one. Removing animal proteins from the diet does not necessarily lead to a decrease in the general caloric intake. It is also true, however, that it would be better to alternate meats with vegetables and be careful not to eat too many. In short, being vegetarian or vegan is an excellent choice to stay healthy, but not essential: reducing the doses, for example, we should not necessarily give up meat or dairy products to live healthily.
  • Don’t give up on the restaurant. Eating healthy does not mean locking yourself up at home; quite the contrary. Giving up a night out with friends because of the diet is the best way to break it: it will be frustrating, and the next time you will throw yourself on the buffet. Instead, you can go out after eating a couple of almonds and an apple so as not to get hungry, and maybe you can start the meal by ordering a light vegetable-based appetizer. But it is essential to stay away from the bread basket.
  • Play sports but don’t overdo it. Exercising certainly leads to consuming more calories but not necessarily losing weight. Those who start to play sports often find themselves eating more than they consume, not calculating that an hour of brisk walking can never “balance” a full meal at fast food. Generally, it is preferable to move a little less every day than to train hard twice a week.
  • Walk a lot. The best way to keep fit is to take advantage of the motorcycle opportunities that are offered to us every day. Getting to the office – when possible – walking or cycling, and climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator are small gestures that can help a lot in the long run.
  • Sleep well. Another fundamental rule for staying in shape is to adopt a regular pace of life and sleep well. Rest should always be at least seven hours because a rested body is the first step in maintaining a metabolism at its full potential.
  • Don’t wait until you have a reason to get back in shape. Summer and the swimsuit test should not be the only reasons that push you to sacrifice to get back in shape. Instead, it must be a long-term path and a goal to be achieved daily. You will see that after a few minor difficulties in imposing the proper habits, it will become natural to continue in the traced groove.

How To Keep In Shape Without Playing Sports 

Not all of us have the time and the desire to play a sport regularly. Pity. But we can replace this lifestyle with other habits, equally effective for keeping fit.

  • Walk as much as possible. Avoid parking your car before the door or the shop you are headed to. And don’t waste the thousands of opportunities you have during the day to walk.
  • Climb the stairs on foot. Pretend elevators haven’t been invented yet: the walking stairs exercise has tremendous power.
  • Better the car bike. This equation is obvious, but it is always good to remember it.
  • Get up at least every half hour when you need to sit for a long time.
  • We are cultivating energy-wasting hobbies, such as gardening.
  • Walk the dog often.

What To Do At Home To Keep In Shape

Even at home, we can do some practical activities to keep fit.

  • Household chores that aren’t too heavy.
  • Stretching exercises that we can also find online. Hanging from a door can also help if we have a back problem.
  • I was doing yoga and meditation. Relax, but it also contributes to staying fit.
  • Gymnastics with home equipment. From the exercise bike to the treadmill, up to the weights.
  • Please don’t overdo it with snacks.

How To Keep In Shape During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate period for women’s physical fitness. Without getting stressed, it is essential to do some activities that will also be useful before, during, and after giving birth.

  • At least half an hour of walking daily to prevent the legs from swelling too much and improve circulation.
  • Physical activity in the water. Ideal when expecting a baby.
  • Yoga and meditation. They are also used to breathe better.
  • Pilates. A great way to tone the body.


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