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According To A Study, Eating Grapefruit For Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight

Grapefruit has long been known as a superfood. Study results also show a clear connection between the queen of citrus fruits and weight loss success.

Yes, they taste bitter. But there are just too many good reasons not to give grapefruit a shot anyway.

They are full of vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium and are small miracle weapons for our immune system.

But the cross between orange and grapefruit can do even more: as part of a  study by the researchers, they were able to find out that the fruit can also help you lose weight.

Even Half A Grapefruit Brings About Success In Losing Weight

Seventy-four overweight adults were divided into two groups for the study and examined over six weeks. 42 of the 72 test persons were served half a grapefruit each morning, noon, and evening in addition to the respective meal.

The 32 remaining study participants were assigned to a control group and maintained their diet without supplemental grapefruit.

After six weeks, the researchers were able to identify significant differences. Not only did the test subjects’ blood pressure improve, but the researchers were also able to determine a weight loss and a significant slimming of the waist.

This Is How Grapefruits Help You Lose Weight

Above all, these five properties make the grapefruit the ideal weight loss aid.

Hardly Any Calories

Due to their high water content, grapefruits have a mere 32 calories per 100 grams. An even lower-calorie snack is hardly possible.

Vitamin C

With around 44 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of pulp, grapefruit already covers more than half of an adult’s daily requirement.

This not only strengthens the immune system but also promotes fat burning. Vitamin C also produces the hormone norepinephrine, which increases the body’s calorie consumption.


Pectin, a roughage, stimulates digestion on the one hand and swells up in the gastrointestinal tract on the other. As a result, we feel fuller for longer and eat less accordingly 


The contained mineral potassium has a draining effect. In this way, excess fluids in the tissue, such as water retention, disappear better, while at the same time, toxins are removed from the body.

Bitter Substances

Ultimately, even the bitter taste has something good: Because the bitter substance naringenin influences specific proteins in such a way that the liver preferentially breaks down fatty acids.


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